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Why Now ?????????


A New Hobby

I've decided to begin a new hobby to entertain myself, my family, and just possibly, some old and new friends! I decided upon the insistence of my son Dan to start a blog. Now, he is kind of a serious guy, and I really didn't think he thought I was funny. Schocker! My sister & many friends thought I should write a book but that was too daunting, and besides I wouldn't have time to watch all my Reality shows & sell some Real Estate to get paid. So I thought, I will try a "blog" since that seems to be in style now! The first entry and what started this whole thing, is just a personal E-mail to family and friends about a recent road trip to Oregon & all the problems I incurred. The title of my new blog is "High Heels to Orthopedic Shoes", sub title "What the Heck Happened"? I have many obscure and humorous thoughts about, friends, love, family, health issues for the "ortho" crowd, etc. You get the drift, should be fun, I hope I don't embarrass my family or upset my friends. Before I started this journey I thought I'd better define the word Blog so Ireally didn't make a total fool of myself.


blog:  blɔg, blɒg/ Show Spelled [blawg, blog] Show IPA noun, verb, blogged, blog·ging. noun


1. a Web site containing the writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.


Following:" From High Heels To Orthopedic Shoes" Introduction


For years, many, many, years, I have bored some and delighted others with my annual Christmas letter. It is a work of love, but basically describes the humorous & sometimes sad or interesting aspects of the previous year. Okay, some bragging about my fantastic children & grandchildren was included. Who cares? Well if I mention, or worse yet, NOT mention someone, I hear about it. Mostly it has been the adventures and misadventures, marriages, loss, and on and on. After being in Real Estate sales and management for over 40 years............I have some interesting and hilarious stories to tell. I am practically a bionic woman, I am literally bolted & screwed together, but that is a story for another time. The main story I wanted to tell, and the crucial question is "What the heck happened to me"??? I used to wear glorious high heels, sexy pencil skirts with fabulous slits showing off my best feature my legs and now I wear the "ugliest of ugly" shoes just to be able to walk.


Actually, so far my brain is reasonably in tact, although I'm sure some folks will disagree with that.I think about things as if I'm in my 30's but my poor body is a living train wreck and screams back at me daily. I am up on pop culture, news, politics, all things real estate, etc, thanks to Comcast cable and the Internet!


So what the heck started this whole thing? It was our seven day road trip to Oregon! If I didn't have a good sense of humor I would have cried..........but the humor won out! When you read about the trip you will see that, but back to the blog thing. I got home exhausted, and realized how much I missed my bed, my "hotel" pillows", to die for, my large stall shower, my high toilet and my fabulous 40" Google TV right at the head of my bed! I kept thinking, "What the heck happened to me"? Old age, that's what happened! I've watched it happen to others but not me, remember, I'm 30 in my head! In actuality, I will be 74 July 21..........I keep saying to myself..........."age is a number!"


The next chapter will probably be about our Walker River-June Lake trip with maybe some interesting observations thrown in along with a dose of nature. But who know what will pop up is my "beady brain" in the meantime.......the ramblings of a funny Sr. citizen.... See you soon.

New articles will be posted on the links to the left.




PS : For those grammer & spelling experts, I apologize in advance, I am a horrid typist & think & act to fast sometimes. Jim is my editor and he isn't any better. Also, we got rid of the horrid background Barry Manilow or Beachboys available, it all sounded like funeral music!


My Real Estate Photo taken in back of our house. I work for Altera Signature Properties, if you want to buy or sell, please call me anytime on my direct line, 925-516-7578 My website for Real Estate is
Overlooking The OR Coast. from our B&B, The Agate Cove Lodge. It is wonderful there!
My Favorite Place...June Lake, CA. We stumbled on this jewel while out on an exploratory drive! It is one of the USA's best kept secrets. It is visually stunning!! There are 3 more lakes in the June Lake Loop: Silver, Gull, and Grant Lake.
This is our "special place", in Walker, Ca. A long drive (7 miles) up a mt. on a dirt road, it is "our private church" up there. It overlooks the Antelope Valley. The only thing you see & hear are the Hawks soaring & the winds blowing. Above this spot is LittleAntelopePackStation.Com. Nobody lives up here other than the wildlife. Spectacular!

Latest news

Oct. 24, 2012
Small Business
Just a note, regarding all the talk of the tax breaks for "small business". I thought small business was considered one like my daughter- in-law had with a few employees. Donald Trumps several different businesses are classed as "small businesses", and getting the same tax consideration as a truly small business like my daughter inlaw had. Some businesses can have up to 1,500 employees, some with $27.5 million per year in sales receipts, and be classified as a Small Business, according to the SBA. That doesn't seem fair does it??
Oct. 23, 2012
Random thoughts about the Presidential Election.
1) Why in the world would anyone really want to be President, the candidates are torn apart by everyone it seems. The mass media continually fuels the fire with the 24 hr news cycle, and the social media, pitting neighbor against neighbor, friends against friends, and worse yet, family
relationships are threatened.

2) Personally, I feel both men running are intelligent, genuine, in their desire to help their country, and basically good people trying to make the world a better & safer place to live. All of the "hate" is making me sick!

3) I admire Michelle Obama and Ann Romney tremendously. Both are gracious, admirable, intelligent women, trying to keep their composure and yes, standing by their husbands, with a smile on their faces, while abominable things are being said about them!

4) The worst is the money spent in this election is a tragedy, the latest I've heard is close to a billion dollars!! That is a crime, imagine how we could help struggling schools for instance, with just a small amount of those dollars wasted on ads we all hate.

5) I know we have to do something about Medicare, but I abhor the thought of Sr's trying to struggle with vouchers to pick insurance for their "future needs." When as a business woman all my life, picking a simple supplemental policy to Medicare, was a struggle! Fortunately, I picked the best & most expensive, because I could, but it turns out it covered all kinds of future problems I had no idea I would have!! Also, as an "independent contractor", I have always been totally responsible for my own insurance "of any kind", ( no company insurance) and believe me folks, it is a nightmare wading through all the policies, including small print, but the claim process is horrendous. As a Medicare patient, I choose my Dr.and my hospital, show my Medicare card and my AARP supplemental card and that is stress, no claims for me to fight, and w/ my supplemental policy, no co-pay!! Why in the world would I, or have my children, go back to the previous struggles I had all my life! I always paid in the maximum amount at tax time to go towards my SS and Medicare!

6) I always believed in personal rights, especially " gay rights"! Why in the world would one choose to be gay and face a lifetime of rejection, and problems. I say, leave the Gay people alone, let them marry and be productive members of society! It is not the governments business. I always felt that way and in the past few years discovered one of my son's best childhood friends was Gay, and then recently found out a family member is Gay. They are still the fabulous people they always were and now, I feel stronger then ever about their rights.

7) Re: Woman's Rights, as a Realtor, I always was paid the same as a man for my hard work, but believe me if that hadn't been the case, I would have been out with a banner! A woman's body is her own and a bunch of men in a meeting room should not be making decisions for us!i

8) Depending on who wins the election,I believe it will not be the end of the world, both are intelligent, honest, good, hardworking men, so none of you have to move out of the country.

9) I am not trying to start a war with anyone and believe me I try to read everything I can, editorials, books, etc. and yes, I watch ALL the news channels to get different perspectives, I just do it myself & try as best I can to keep my mouth shut because there is no "discussing" rationally, it seems. May "the best" man win! (Whoever Your Man Is)
Jul. 4, 2012
Happy Fourth of July To All ! Hurray For Our Great Country !
At the last minute we decided to invite a former client of mine and now new, wonderful, friend over for ribs, potatoe salad, etc. to celebrate the holiday. Sally is a love, a widow that takes care of her elderly mother who happens to be 95 years. She is the best person and never complains, she has such a fun personality, and wears tons of bangles & rings! Of course anyone who loves lots of bangles & rings and laughs at herself at all the silliness in the world, is destined to be my friend! Think about this, she is 74 taking care of a 95 year old mother......I guess in a way I am jealous because my darling Mom died young 37 years ago, but that being said, Sally now has such a huge burden on her shoulders with a minimum of funds. I can't imagine doing what she does, I can hardly take care of myself :-) She is really fun though...we all need to complain less and smile more!!! Meeting Sally is another of my benefits of selling real estate, my motto is "Hi Tech- High Touch" Guess what, it is the most rewarding business, when you "really" care about your clients ! I always have and always will care! Again, everyone enjoy your day & be safe!!
Jul. 3, 2012
My Current Projects
This supposedly bright person is still in her nightgown messing with all my ongoing projects! I did get my shower & "put my face on" but Jim got me into something I hadn't expected with this blogging site. My house is a wreck, I'm in the middle of a scrapbooking project and "stuff" is everywhere. I also got as new iPad as an early B-day present from my family so that is a learning experience...I love, love, it! I also have been doing research on the MLS for Summerset sales. (the community where we live), more about that later too!! I just missed all the news and am frustrated but I have to admit, I love this!! Oh, by the way, to read the reason I started all of this , click on Oregon Trip in upper lefthand corner of the Homepage! Well, back to my scrapbook mess!
Jul. 2, 2012
Looking forward to our trip to the Walker River and June Lake this month. Get to be with old friends.
I have heard from some that the music is awful. I listened to other samples and it all sounds kind of "icky", no Barry Manilow or Beachboys! What do you think? Their "party" music" is not like any party I've ever been to, that's for sure! I'll think about it! Stay "tuned" may be I'll try another "party" tune! :-)
Have A Good Day!

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DONE Sending...

Karen Long | Reply 12.11.2013 22.59

Thanks Jean! Shoot, we missed pizza night again! We love you and I'm glad my stories make you feel good!

JEAN SWEETNAM | Reply 12.11.2013 15.51

Its so much fun hearing about you and Jim and all the crazy , fun things you do .too bad you can not put this in the news letter. So many would enjoy this .

Karen | Reply 04.09.2013 16.49

Thanks Jo Lynn, I keep saying I will write a book someday, for sure I have so many funny stories to just seems overwhelming sometimes.

JoLynn | Reply 18.08.2013 22.17

Great job! You will entertain for sure. Maybe you SHOULD think about a book. Just sayin'. ★

Heather Boccia | Reply 31.07.2012 15.02

Karen: I look on you and Jim as special friends. We love hearing from you and following your travels. Laughed over your description of getting up. Heather

Rachel C. | Reply 30.07.2012 21.48

you did a good job - kkep it up and i will follow you on your

Karen 31.07.2012 17.31

When I referred to liquor, Jim said I should say, "I brought spirits"..instead of sounds so ladylike and not at all like me...sorry to say!!😜

Dee | Reply 22.07.2012 01.08

I'm so proud of you!!! your a Beautiful Woman...."Happy Birthday" I have been thinking of you,I will stay intouch & keep you in prayer,Cont. Live,Love & Laugh!

Karen 30.07.2012 19.55

Dee, you are a doll, and so kind, thank you!

sally | Reply 18.07.2012 19.07

yahoo Karen I found this page..Finally will miricles never cease! Hav a super time talk to you when u get back..Hugs Sally

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I would love to help you clean grout!!

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I too am an avid fan of Joan. I attended two of her workshops at GATE conferences in CA. She is one of my career inspirations by far. She is AWESOME!

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