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Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From Our Home To Yours!

Dear Friends & Family,

( Move your cursor over the screen to see falling stars)

I guess, in my own way, I've joined the new millennium, and instead of sending out the annual letter, am adding it to my blog,

This way, those that are interested can read it, the rest won't be burdened with more paper, and we don't have to print & fold all those letters.  I have to say, this really feels a little weird, since I have sent these letters out for, are you ready for this, 54 years!!  Oh my gosh, I am really getting old!! -:).

For some reason, I can't quite get into "the swing of things", this year. Jim has been fabulous, however, our house looks like a "fairyland" inside and out!! We have done quite a bit of shopping, but tons to do. With the help of cortisone shots I am still moving...-:) We just sold a small home in Summerset last week, with a quick close, so lots to do shuffling documents, etc. right now.

It seems that the "holidays of yore", are gone when everyone celebrated "on the day",   but now our families are all soooo busy, and spread out.  I can remember when no one was a stranger in my home.  We rented tables & chairs, cooked an extra turkey and everyone was welcome and came “on the day”   Unfortunately, we were the ones to make the choice to move what we thought was not far, but in ten years the drive has become horrendous. We hit the jackpot this year! Thanksgiving, My son Scott, his wife Trina & my two beautiful granddaughters, McKenzie 15 & Alexa 13, came for Thanksgiving. In my children's infinite wisdom they had a full turkey dinner the week before! So. Instead of turkey, I made homemade chicken & noodles, and they loved it, thank goodness. They even want to make it a “new tradition”, so as long as I can roll “out the noodles”, that’s what we’ll do.

They have had a wonderful year. Scott continues as a Sr. VP at VMware, and travels globally, but as a child he loved to fly… I guess he got his dream in spades.  Trina, seems to be “holding down the fort” and spending her days transporting teens and going to games! Alexa excels in all sports, so she goes from field soccer, to basketball, to indoor soccer; it appears to be never ending.  McKenzie loves St Francis high school.  Both girls are so darling and loveable.

My son Dan and his wife, and their two children are coming for Christmas Eve.  I’m thrilled. Kyle is attending Yale and loving it.  Lauren is in her second year at Sacramento State. I haven’t seen them much at all, again busy lives. Jeff and his wife Lindsay, are living in the Sacramento area towards Tahoe, and have blessed the entire family with a darling baby boy, Wyatt. He is a bubbly adorable little guy! Sarah, remains single, somehow, she is positively gorgeous!!

Dan and Denise have had such a difficult year. It started when Dan fell off a roof, doing his job as a firefighter.  It turns out, his injuries are career ending so I guess soon he will be taking early retirement.  During a surgery, Denise got the word that she had a serious case of breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy at Stanford shortly thereafter, then re-construction surgery!  They have not complained to me but my heart is breaking for them. Then they recently sold their home and are currently renting.  Scott and Trina needed an investment so bought a duplex in San Jose, and totally renovated it, “ala Scott”, marble baths, hardwood floors etc.!! I hear Trina did a fabulous job getting all the work completed because Scott was out of the country so much.  Anyway, I guess in the future, Dan & Denise are planning to move up close to Jeff but in the meantime they have a lovely place to call home with room for the kids when they come home until their future becomes clearer.

Now for some fantastic, fabulous news! I have had the darned cortisone migraine for a week or so, have been miserable and depressed!  It all got better last night.  We were supposed to go to a party last night but it got canceled, so at the spur of the moment I invited a few neighbors over.  Well, then Scott called me and said he and McKenzie and her friend were coming up for an hour or so. They arrived all smiles, it turned out he couldn’t wait to give us our Christmas present.  Are you ready??? A set of 1st class tickets to Hawaii, and a week stay at the Napili Kai Beach Resort in Maui!!  This place and location is gorgeous, I was there over 30 years ago, and of course it has been all redone, but the location is stupendous. The trip is in January.  Guess what, today headache is better!!! J  He did it in true “Scott fashion”, beautiful Hawaiian plumaria leis for both of us, macadamia nuts, “the whole nine yards”, it was a huge production and our friends loved it and him!! (and the girls)

I have to tell you, I am struggling with typing, I hate this new key board and my nails are too long!! J

Anyway, My darling Jim is going to take over and tell you about his family.


All my boys and their families are doing great.

John is the comptroller for Samitomo Drive Technology (based in Japan) operations in the US & South America. If it moves people or anything, they manufacture the gear drives for them, and other stuff. His wife Anita is a cancer survivor and is doing well. Then you have little Abby and she is a typical young lady keeping her Mom & Dad busy. They live in Portsmouth, VA.

Parrish is another; he is Sr. VP & Director of Risk Management for First Citizen Bank based in Columbia, SC.

His wife Carolyn runs a very tight ship. If you are an A student, she expects A's, and if you are a "C" students she expects A's. If she was a teacher, she would have four grades: A+, A, A- & F'sWild. Then she would give the letter "D" (It is Not A Grade)  which means that she likes you because you bring her Gift Cards.

They have 4 boys one (Clayton) is attending Clemson Univ. to be an Orthodontist. Clayton has been accepted into the Honors College at Clemson.

Preston graduates this school year and is going to attend Clemson, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Their parents are Clemson graduates, the mom’s siblings graduated from Clemson, and their Grandparents are Clemson graduates. Guess where the sibling’s spouses graduated? Then Clayton has a very special young lady (Hannah) attending Clemsom. The tradition continues.

If you visit them during a Clemson ball game and you are not for Clemson, they are going to bury you so deep: the Good Lord will not find you on judgment dayWild! In their book there is one color: ORANGE!

Then we have Davis, "our bath room buddy". We shared a Jack & Jill bath with him. We would forget to unlock his door; he would come to our side and say: “You did it again.”

The fourth son is Wallace, a young man with very special needs. The good Lord only picks the best, to be Parents for these kids.

Then to Travis, an investigator for Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. Lives in Lexington, SC. on Lake Murray. He has two boys, one is Parker that graduates this year and hasn’t decided which college to attend. He eats and sleeps baseball (pitcher) 24/7.

Little Connor is cutting his teeth on football. Enjoys his Saturday mornings (a must) with his Dad at Bojangles. That is their time.

Travis is in a relationship with a lady named Lynn, a chiropractor and lives on a small ranch with her daughter. She is into cattle, horses, chickens and gardening. Travis had to learn how to ride a horse, round up cattle, collect eggs, plant and harvest vegetables, and even canning vegetables. “A Suburban Cowboy with a lasso on one hip, gardening tool on the other, and carrying an egg basket”?

Well our dear families and any good friends who have “stuck” with all the family news, we love you all so much and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Much Love,

Karen & Jim

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DONE Sending...

Karen Long | Reply 25.12.2012 12.48

Hi Honey, What a surprise, you finally read it.....Whoopie! Merry Christmas to you all! Love, Mom xoxoxo

Scott | Reply 25.12.2012 10.02

MerryI Merry! Christmas! Just read your x-mas letter--very FESTIVE with all the Photos! Just beautiful. We love you! Scott, Trina and the girls XO

Tom Monroe | Reply 15.12.2012 17.27

Merry Christmas Karen & Jim. All is well at the Monroe's
A card of the Family is on the way and I will catch up next week.

Karen long 15.12.2012 21.30

Hi, my darling , extra son, thank you so much for reading my blog, since Scott refuses to even look at it, I guess you love me more ! -:) -:)

John Scaglinoe | Reply 12.12.2012 13.39

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Your Family. We love you and miss you ! John and Shirley Scaglione

Carolyn | Reply 12.12.2012 11.03

Merry Christmas! We love you!

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I too am an avid fan of Joan. I attended two of her workshops at GATE conferences in CA. She is one of my career inspirations by far. She is AWESOME!

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