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Yes, Nana Was Doing Flirty Poses Too!

I get such a kick out of seeing my darling Granddaughters and their friends pose in all their photos! I see a lot of them on Facebook, and smile! I told my Granddaughter Alexa, Nana posed sexy once & she was shocked and surprised! Yes, I remember those days? Do all of you ladies that may read this blog remember those bathing suit shots you took? I bet every one of you has some glamorous shots of themselves tucked away somewhere! Mine were in an old, and I do mean old, photo book, to be exact, the following photos were taken when I was 14 and 15!

I was celebrating that I finally had passed the awful, horrifying, ages of 12 and 13! I was downright ugly! Do you all remember those years? Actually, in one way I was very lucky, I maintained clear skin, but I had no idea about fancy grooming, makeup, deodorants, hair styling, and on and on! Not like the young girls today, they know all the tricks, and more! I never had a manicure until I was 40+ years. I never had a pedicure until I was 50+ years.

I remember when I was about 11 or 12 and we were on our annual vacation in Wisconsin. The family that owned the fishing resort we stayed at every year had hired a young woman, Carol Kuehling, (older to me) all of 18 years "old" to clean rooms and wait on tables. She was also the girlfriend of Herb the proprietors of the resort's, son! (She is now in her 80's I believe, a recent widow, yes she married Herb, and still lives on the property!) Anyway, I attached myself to her, at the hip! She was always so clean, neat and yes looked "crisp", even when she was cleaning rooms. All the sudden, I was noticing those things, and wondering how she did it! She ironed everything! (God forbid, I ironed towels & my Hubby's underwear when first married!) She used deodorant!  Wow! What a great idea! She always smelled divine. The best tip was she cleaned her face religiously with Noxzema! Remember Noxzema, mainly used for sun burns! Well it made outstanding face cleaner and night cream! When we got home that summer, I went right out and bought my first jar of Noxzema. I used it faithfully and from then on, I never had a blemish! I learned so much about grooming and growing into a young woman that summer!

One disastrous thing I learned from Carol, however was plucking my eyebrows. I had my Dad's thick eyebrows, so when I was sick one time, using a magnifying mirror, I went nuts! Toooooooo Much!! You know they never grew back and to this day 63 years later, I am stuck using a pencil to finish them out!

Anyway, I cut my hair short, myself, had my new "thin" eyebrows, a lipstick, and nice complexion and by the age of 14, lo and behold, I was finally starting to look like an attractive teenager!  And the BOYS were starting to finally notice! Thus, the beginning of the "glamour shots"!  My girlfriends and I took tons of them with my little Brownie camera......remember those? (I think you can buy them now as antiques at flea markets! 😃)

I pulled out the old album this weekend to show my Granddaughters, Lauren, McKenzie, and Alexa, a few of the photos! They gasped, and then laughed! Secretly, I think they were shocked.......Yes Nana was doing sexy poses too at ages 14 & 15!!!!! (60 years ago!) What comes around goes around!! 😃

(Before) I had my Dad's thick eyebrows :-(
For this pose, I was tied to the tree?
High hills were required when wearing a bathing suit.
Now, do you think I knew how to use that rake. It was a prop for this picture.
Check out my tennis shoes. Watch Out Billie Jean King!
I Thought I Should Have Been In Movies :p)
My Grandma Lea bought this outfit. It came with pants. The pants took away from the look I wanted.

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Heather Boccia | Reply 05.09.2013 17.06

We lived a world apart and yet we did the same teenage things. I plucked my eyebrows into non-existence. Sorry now, of course! Stiletto heels killed my back.

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I would love to help you clean grout!!

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Love this! Thank you for sharing!

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Sis, want to help me clean my grout?

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I too am an avid fan of Joan. I attended two of her workshops at GATE conferences in CA. She is one of my career inspirations by far. She is AWESOME!

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