From High Heels To Orthopedics Shoes!

From Our Home To Yours....Happy Holidays 2013

As I reflect on the past year I guess first and foremost, I am grateful that Jim and I are alive and relatively healthy! 😇 Jim had a double hernia surgery in the spring and is having surgery 12/17 on the Ulnar nerve in his left arm!  Once he recovers, I will be having more ankle/foot fusions done! We keep the Dr's employed here in Brentwood! 😇 Okay, our "bad stuff" is addressed, now on to the really "good stuff"! We are enjoying our life here in Summerset on "our Golden Pond", more than ever! We have taken many fun day trips organized by our activity director! We have gone to the beach towns, beautiful Gold Country towns for apple products & gifts, plays & musicals, San Francisco for dinner and the "ultimate San Francisco experience" Beach Blanket Babylon Christmas Show”! It is a combo of spectacular songs, costumes & pop culture! We also have enjoyed many themed parties, etc., here in Summerset! For those of you that have commented, "I don't want to live with a bunch of old people", get over it! Age is just a number! Many of our friends are more fun, intelligent, interesting, and adventurous, compared to many of our considerably younger friends, including some family members.😃 So bottom line, when we combine all of the above, with a busy, fulfilling real estate business, our life here is fabulous! Of course, included in that happiness scenario, is my warm, happy, fun and totally wonderful life that I share with Jim!  We are as compatible as "two peas in a pod"!! I cannot imagine my life without Jim!


For the most part all of our children (5 sons) and 13 grandchildren, and many extended family members, have totally thrived and are living happily. Unfortunately, in some cases there has been serious illness, now under control, job loss, and some other unfortunate problems. But, that is the story for most families! Bottom line though, we have strong, resourceful families and everyone has overcome their adversity, and life moves on!


Our greatest joy though, comes from the times we spend with our families. Do to everyone's schedule, and in the case of Jim's family, the great distance is the problem, we see them infrequently. The upside is, when we do get together, every moment is totally savored and remains tattooed on our hearts.


We spent Thanksgiving at Dan & Denise's beautiful new home in Granite Bay! Lauren was there but Kyle was back East at Yale, he is coming home for Christmas.  (Scott & family were in Utah) Anyway, in past years Thanksgiving was a "cast of thousands" and crazy fun! This year, just 5 of us, (sounds lonely) but you know, it was, lovely. We really had quality time just to enjoy a scrumptious dinner, watch some football, chat, etc. So, as the saying goes “big isn't always better"! We spent the night in their beautiful, comfy, guest room, and left the next morning.  It was perfect!


By the way, any of you maybe remembering the tall, handsome, "quiet" Jim! Forget it! Welllll, those days are long over. He is still tall and he is still handsome, BUT, he is no longer quiet! He is a combination of Don Rickles, & Jimmy Kimmel.  He makes me laugh constantly!  Who knew????


Well, Our Wonderful Friends and Family, Jim and I hope and pray that you all have a beautiful Christmas, and that your New Year is filled with good health and good times by all! (Good grades, nice friends and happy times are wished for all our grandchildren!)


Much Love to You All,

Karen & Jim

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05.10 | 02:51

I would love to help you clean grout!!

03.10 | 06:37

Love this! Thank you for sharing!

02.10 | 19:05

Sis, want to help me clean my grout?

02.08 | 23:38

I too am an avid fan of Joan. I attended two of her workshops at GATE conferences in CA. She is one of my career inspirations by far. She is AWESOME!

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