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Graduation & Reno Revisted


My Granddaugher, Lauren, ( Dan & Denise's daughter),  graduated from Sacramento State University  May 24th!  Unfortunately it was at 8:30 Am, with a family party following. It was at a huge venue in Sacramento, and would have been difficult for me to "get around", so we just went to the party and not the ceremony itself........nuts!  There are so many things I can do but there are so many things that are difficult.....if not impossible, like lots of stairs etc.

Thank goodness, Summerset where I sell real estate,  has only 1 story homes! Back to the party, it was sad and yet so much fun just being a "spectator"! In the "old days" the parties were at my house in SanJose!  We had a huge, perfect "party room" with hardwood floors, (for dancing) , a large bar, a karaoke machine,   and the music played, and everyone from 8 to 80 attended!  We had up to 100 people at times,  always tons of decorations, lots of food, booze, and merriment!  Those were wonderful days! Everyone was always invited, no one excluded, and we all had a fantastic time!

Lauren has always wanted those types of gatherings, especially all her family surrounding her.  She is such a great Gal! I can't believe she is "all grown up"!  She was my first Grandchild and Dan & Denise lived just a few blocks away. Dan being a firefighter and having weird hours, brought her over all the time. She was absolutely darling! I had the joy of seeing and being with Lauren practically every day! I have so many photos it was hard to choose just a few. I loved and adored that little girl. Probably the saddest thing that happened to me when we moved to Summerset in Brentwood, was when Lauren said to me, "Nana, I can't ride my bike to your house anymore", it broke my heart! She was born with thick, blond curls, and the most awesome, fun, personality......she kept us in"stitches" all the time! She was "Nana's Baby".......oh how I loved her then and still do!!

I sat and watched her at her party, and was incredibly proud!  Some of Dan's friends were there that I knew as kids! It was so much fun, enjoying the present and at the same time, remembering the past!  Memories!!

They had a houseful so we stayed at The Hilton Garden Inn in nearby Folsum! We loved it, wonderful rooms and the best beds & pillows! They even had Keurig coffee makers in the!

Sunday, we drove to Reno to see Dave & Eleanor Lee, our best friends from San Jose!  Hard to believe, they are 80 did that happen? My friends can't be that old, all I remember was the wild &crazy times we used to have together!  They live on the side of a mountain in a gorgeous home, and their backyard overlooks all of downtown Reno......spectacular views day and especially at night!  They move a little slower,  but their sense of humor and love of life stlll prevails!  We just stayed one night as they were leaving town, headed for Arizona, so we called our "old friend Dave Fuller", the hotel Mgr at The Peppermill, and we spent Memorial Day there. Try, try again!  I wrote a story about it called, Reno Fiasco! Read it then you will appreciate this stay!  The last time was a disaster, and this time Dave offered us a beautiful suite on the 14th floor with smashing views and goodies galore! We did have a very amusing incident however!! The morning we were checking out via the TV, Jim saw we were charged a $28.50 fee for " refreshments" turns out it was an "Adult Intimacy Package"! I was in the bathroom "putting my face on" and Jim came with the phone in his ear, looking for the "intimacy package" in a basket! I thought he was nuts! Not to say, I wouldn't have ordered something like that......especially "in the day" but not this time!! :-) Evidently, the room service "refreshment fee" was for some sort of sex toys or something!  They (The Staff) didn't really know (A New Feature), nor did we, exactly what we were supposedly looking for!  We checked all the baskets of towels etc & found nothing. The "room service"  mgr. came up and we all looked! It was hilarious! Welllllll, on top of the mini bar was a tray with chips, etc, and lo and behold was a small pkg, the size of a deck of cards......voila.......much to our amusement was the so called "intimacy package" holding a few small bottles of "exotic" massage oils!  Boy, that was disappointing!  If I had ordered one of those, I would have expected more "goodies" then that! :-) !!!!!  Anyway, evidently, the prior residents of our room had ordered it and taken a few other things from the fridge.  Evidently it is on a remote weigh system, and had not been checked correctly prior to our arrival!! So folks, check your bill carefully, and if by chance you do order some goodie called an "intimacy package", check it to get your monies worth!!

All in all, it was a fun little "getaway"! As always, I was happy to get home to my beautiful patio, my own TV and for sure, my shower, and especially, the higher toilet in my bathroom! The folks with hip and, or knee replacements, (I have both),  can appreciate what I'm talking about!!!!!

Lauren & Family (Denise, Kyle, Dan, & Jeff.... Sister Sarah showed up later.
Lauren & Uncle Scott
Dave & Eleanor Lee....Good Friends....We go back many years!
View of Reno, from the Lee's House
Time for Room Service!
I am the Queen of the "WORLD"!

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judi nunley | Reply 20.06.2014 17.26

Thanks for the comments & pictures. Looks like sure a fun day with good friends & family

Peg & Hoover | Reply 18.06.2014 16.17

Always love your BLOGS. Glad you had a great time. We will get together soon.

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Love this! Thank you for sharing!

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I too am an avid fan of Joan. I attended two of her workshops at GATE conferences in CA. She is one of my career inspirations by far. She is AWESOME!

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