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Summer Fun With Family !

Family....And....Prop 46

This year our summer really began in July!  Wow what a busy month! (For us anyway) Before I delve into summer, I have to mention our glorious spring!  While rain and snow was devastating the Midwest and East, our weather here in Brentwood, (not OJ Brentwood) a small community in the Delta area of the San Francisco Bay Area, was spectacular!

The biggest thing and the most wonderful, for me, was Jim made me a glorious, relatively hidden, on three sides anyway, meditation garden! Jim did a fantastic job, and it is lit at night and it is my favorite place ever!

In July my wonderful Wisconsin Family visited and stayed at my son Dan's for a week! Jim and I stayed a few days at a motel close by, they had a houseful. My sister, her daughter Kelli, and her daughter Grace age 6, and cute as a button and smart as they come. Then, Patti’s son Dan, wife Larissa and their two children, Kelsey and Jacob, 12 & 10 I think, anyway, both darlings! Anyway, I feel so badly when I hear about family reunion horror stories! My whole family is loving, all huggers, fun and a lot of crazy! Gosh, I love and miss them!

Then we had our annual fishing (we don't fish, we play) trip to The Walker River for our "other family reunion"! Lots of laughter, food and all around good will with former Coldwell Banker colleagues and their families! We then drove on to our beautiful June Lake. (Our private place)! You can check out prior stories about this spectacular place, by clicking on one of the links to the left!

When we returned we dove back into my Real Estate Career! See, selling Real Estate on a Crutch story! All I can say is I still love what I do and my clients come first!

Now, DRUGS.......what the heck is this all about? I'll warn you now; I'm on a mission to help Sr's and others living with chronic pain!!!! Well, as most you know, I have had a multitude of orthopedic problems, through the years! I have used various painkillers, an unfortunate necessity! They have offered me a "lifeline" to relative physical comfort and the freedom to pursue my life!

The painkillers I have taken have totally been controlled by my personal physicians, and are all obtained at the same local pharmacy I've used for years!  Anyway, because of all the abuse of drugs by stupid people, and I mean STUPID, people looking for a some kind of "high", so many people, especially Seniors, myself included,  now are made to suffer! I am furious!

I remember right after my husband Dave died there was a huge bottle of Vicodin left, and a houseguest saw it and commented, "Oh I love this stuff"! I was incredulous and flushed it down the toilet, I was so distressed. (I know now, flushing is bad)! Anyway, I got to thinking about it and honestly, not once did I ever feel "high"! After ankle surgery, very painful, I awoke hooked up to a morphine pump, and it made me loopy and extremely sleepy and horribly itchy! Awful! Certainly not a feeling you would aspire to! Anyway, after all the drug stories about addiction, after my first ankle fusion, over 20 years ago, I was in a wheelchair for almost 4 months, and I was worried , would I be addicted since those months , my other ankle still needed surgery, but I was in a wheelchair, not walking! So I abruptly stopped taking "the pain meds", hoping something terrible would not happen, sweats, shakes, etc.!  Nothing! I asked my then orthopedic surgeon about it and he replied, if I truly needed the painkillers, for pain, I would be fine! And he was right!

Well the orthopedic problems persisted through the years, 3 hip replacements; both knees replaced and last week the worst yet, after MRI and x-rays my "shoulder Dr" told me my painful shoulder could not be fixed and that I needed a total shoulder replacement!  (Still in shock over this one, Stanford Thursday 9/25 for 2nd opinion*)

Here is where the "new rules" will come in to play! Due to the massive abuse, the state is requiring all of my renowned orthopedic surgeons, to "pee in a cup" often and their liability and paperwork is increased at least 100%! So guess what, these fine Dr's are being harassed so much, that they have quit writing painkiller prescriptions, even my Muir Orthopedic pain management Dr!!!   I now have to drive a long way to a dingy drug management place, where you are required to have a visit each time you need your prescription renewed! The place was packed with "interesting looking people", and then there was me, "Nana on crutches"! This is ridiculous, and I am enraged! I feel like a second class citizen, and it is all because of all the "rules" put in place by government intervention and a bunch of spoiled, reckless, people looking for their high! The place is so busy I can't even get a timely appointment! My own Dr's have myX-rays, MRI's and totally understand my problems not someone I see for 5 minutes!  This totally sucks!

This issue is on the upcoming California election, vote No on 46!!!!!!!!  You can just Google measure 46 in California and or go to this website: Trial attorneys are driving this measure and it will cost seniors dearly, in so many ways, in addition to other items on this bill that will hurt the General Public!

Maybe lawyers should "P" in a cup. They have their problems.

* 2nd Opinion --- Shoulder Update: Stanford's Orthopaedic Surgeon recommended Arthroscopic Surgery (10/17) to clean out the joint and remove any spurs causing the pain. WOO  HOO{#smileys123.tonqueout}

My blog is my first rant, but not my last, that's for sure! Stay tuned!



My Meditation Garden !
Not "GOOD" for the ankles!
CA 10 years from now?

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Time to get your marijuana card Karen, it's so much easier than that LOL!!!! Once your in just go in and shop for your needs, no's good option.

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I would love to help you clean grout!!

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Love this! Thank you for sharing!

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I too am an avid fan of Joan. I attended two of her workshops at GATE conferences in CA. She is one of my career inspirations by far. She is AWESOME!

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