September Medical

Medical Update for September 2017

09/12/2017 – 09/14/2017

On July 22, 2016, I (Jim) went to see my PCP concerning an infected sebaceous, he prescribed an antibiotic and set up an appointment with a surgeon for August 2. On July 29 I went to the Sutter Delta Emergency Room and released August 6. It became septic, the wrong antibiotic prescribed.

Had to use a walker for about 5 days and physical therapy every other day for 10 days.                                 

On 09/12/2017 I went to the Muir Urgent Care with the same issue, prescription prescribed and told to return 09/15 for follow-up. On 09/15 (11:40 AM) the doctor told me I needed to see a surgeon (No Emergency Room Visit). He called his lady “Friday” in and told her to find a surgeon that could see me today. At noon she told me I had an appointment @ 1:00 in Walnut Creek (BASS Group).

I arrived at the BASS facility, did not have to fill any forms. Muir had sent all medical records to them. Was in the waiting room for 20 minutes, saw the surgeon, he did the surgeon stuff (1 hour) and on the road back to Brentwood.

The surgeon did a culture on the tissue and called me and said I was taking the correct antibiotic.

Have a follow-up in a week, then a week later to remove the tissue.

09/26/17 - Antibiotic cleared infection - Surgery not required :-)

All this within 3 hours.

Girl “Friday” came in several times with her telephone headset on keeping us updated.

My hats off to the Brentwood Muir Urgent Care group. Like a fine-tuned machine.

I have a  “meet & greet” with a new primary care physician in October, and he has privileges at two local hospitals


09/15/2017 - Another Outing :-(

Karen had an operation on both eyes today, the area around the eye (Skin). 
.😍..Looks like she got into a fight with an Orangutan and he won. 
...One eye bandaged other bruised. She is doing "good" and has been down this road before. 
...Some issues around the eye that concerned the doctor that needed to be removed and analyzed.
....The girls in the OP room asked if she talks this much all the time. I told them they were lucky, she was sedated :-).
...During the procedure, the doctor kept saying: A lot of blood, going to need more blood, he has a great sense of humor.
...The doctor (Dr. Hwang) said that if Karen spent a day with Kim Jong Un in N. Korea, he would abandon his nuclear program: You leave - we abandon the program.
....When I went into recovery, sounded like Karen, the doctor, and nurses were having a party. 
...They thoroughly enjoyed the time with her.

Watch The Eyes


I prefer the females, I have found them to be the best in many ways.

Always listen to the nurse and watch their eyes. I had a doctor in San Jose tell me he was going to do a procedure there and the nurse said: “We Are”? (RED FLAG)

When I came to, they told that they did not have the technology there to complete the operation and sent me to Stanford.

San Jose again: Once connected to a crash cart so if my heart stopped beating the nurses at their station could hit the button. Once connected, and the doctor said let’s try 480, the nurse said maybe 180. I am awake during this procedure and listening, and I looked into the nurse's eyes and saw “Red Flags.”

When they hit me with the 180 to test, my body left the gurney. If hit with the 480, I would have hit the ceiling and punched one doctor.

Then at Sutter two nurses (?) came to my room and (they females) wanted to know if I wanted the sheets changed and a bath. I said OK

BINGO: One snatched my gown off,  exposed my birthday suit, then the bath. I think I saw faces in their eyes. However, I could not tell if they were smiley or frowny faces in their eyes.

I felt I should have a stand-up and hugged them to show my appreciation; then I did not have my gown on.

I was hit with a Crash Cart once, and when I came back, I asked the nurse if I get to do it again. Her reply: "Don't push your luck!" :-)

Nurse of the century

My recent medical care reminded me of the Nurse Of This Century

Admitted to Sutter Delta with septic pneumonia, I had the most caring nurse. After coming out of a two-day + unconscious state, I decided I was going to get out of bed and use the potty chair next to the bed, bad move. I was trying to get back in bed when my nurse came in and helped me and got me all settled.

BINGO – She got in my face, her nose was about an inch from mine and said in a very soft voice: While you are in this hospital, you are my responsibility and don’t you ever do anything like this again, do you understand me?

Then I saw “tears” in her eyes, and I have never felt so bad in all my life, that my action brought out that emotion in that lady.
Not many like her.

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